A good reminder for us all – Shiatsu in Exeter, Devon

I saw this posted by a friend & it really got.me thinking. I had a family friend who gave me Shiatsu when I was a teenager. I hope that I can pass some of the support & kindness she showed me onto others.

I also hope I can give security & support to my children, to give them a sense that no matter what they can feel sure & safe with me. I didn’t always get this as a child & it has shaped the way I am as an adult. I hope that I also provide a secure & safe space for my Shiatsu clients.

Who do you hope you are?



Shiatsu in Exeter Devon

I write a lot about what Shiatsu is, trying to describe what it is & what it is actually like to have a treatment. There are pages on this site describing Shiatsu & my background so go check those out if you want to know more about this incredible form of therapy.

Today I thought I’d talk about what Shiatsu means to me. I didn’t realise the effect Shiatsu would have on me personally when I started the three years of training. I changed jobs, homes & relationships & have found myself in a much more real & honest place. I feel more happy & content now than I ever have done.

I feel more connected to my body & how it is reacting to what is happening around it. I also feel more connected to the Seasons & to nature, following the natural flow of things. I feel I can get focused & centered in a way I never could before. I have much better self support practices & this allows me to support clients & those around me with gentle kindness.

I feel very lucky to practice this hands-on therapy as my job.  It doesn’t feel like work. I get so focused on what I can feel as I work on a body that the sessions fly by. I also love holding the space for a client, a healing space to feel safe & to be however they want to be.

Shiatsu is a very clever therapy in my opinion. It bypasses the analytical thought process & accesses feelings & emotions through how & where they are held in the body.  Shiatsu can provide release & relief of physical & emotional tensions.  Often because the tension felt has an emotional aspect to it, that has led to the physical holding.

I like seeing the results that clients experience. I have seen it help with chronic pain, with stress, with Sciatica, with knee & other joint issues. I love the fact that it works well with physical, emotional & mental issues. It holds a client in a particular way, it meets the client how they need to be met.

It is such a privilege to be a therapist for people, it is a very personal relationship & I take it seriously. I am so grateful to be part of someone’s healing journey.  Shiatsu has an ability to raise energy levels & allow clients to make changes that they would like to make. It has allowed them to see options & opportunities where previously they have felt stuck, or at the mercy of their condition or complaint.

I use Shiatsu on a daily basis, on myself & my family. I support my kids with digestive issues, when they are distressed, if they can’t sleep, if they have a temperature. I help family members with Arthritis & pain, with mental strain & tiredness.

I work in a lovely space in Exeter which I feel works perfectly for Shiatsu. We have put up a real wood cabin in the garden, it’s a sanctuary but still in Exeter. I work here most days of the week & offer evening & weekend appointments.



Shiatsu for Work Stress, Exeter, Devon

I have noticed a marked increase in clients coming for Shiatsu due to stress related to their work.

I was interested in reading this article about a women who ended up with severe health issues due to the demands of her job.

It seems that the society we live in tends to put excessive expectations of job commitment & little expectation o rest & relaxation. It isn’t surprising that people struggle at times, that they experience burn-out & the need some rest, relaxation & TLC.

I offer deeply relaxing & supportive Shiatsu massage in Exeter, & also Dawlish & Exmouth. Shiatsu is a gentle but powerful form of therapy that can help a client manage stress, anxiety & depression. It can also provide higher levels of energy & healthy sleep patterns.

Shiatsu is suitable for all & is always given through clothes. It originates from Japan & is generally given on a futon mattress on the floor. It can be given on a couch or massage chair.


Springtime & Shiatsu, Exeter, Devon

Spring is such a special time of the year, lots of changes are happening, lots of ideas are planted & start to sprout.

The Spring energy is upwards energy, rising & pushing up. It is an energy that can make anything feel possible. When in balance the Spring energy gives us drive & focus.

This year it feels that the Spring energy is very strong. I have noticed that it isn’t such a rising energy as other years. It has aspects if tightness & inflexibility to it. When the Spring energy is out of balance it can be hard to be emotionally flexible, we can feel stuck in a rut.

I think there is more of the stuck in a rut energy around this year. To me it feels quite a constrictive energy, not as expansive as most years.

So what’s all this mean? Well you may be feeling more tired than normal, for no obvious reason. You may be feeling a lot of tension in your body. You may feel lowin energy, in general.

There are a few things that are great for supporting yourself at this time of year:

  • Stretching, yoga or sport stretches
  • Eat light – stay away from fried & fatty foods
  • Drink plenty – water with lemon is perfect, particularly first thing in the morning
  • Early nights where possible
  • Gentle Qi Gong exercising – if you know this form of movement exercise

I’m always happy to discuss lifestyle recommendations & it can be part of a Shiatsu treatment when appropriate. Shiatsu itself can help balance the energy in the body & this can ease tension & stress.


The Shiatsu Shed, Exeter, Devon

I blogged recently about the special treatment space I have in Exeter. We have put up a wooden cabin in the garden & it is the perfect haven away from daily life. It is a sanctuary of calm where it is easy to relax, rest & just be.

Today the sun is shining & the apple blossom is starting to come out so I took some new photos of the Shiatsu Shed.

It’s a very special place to practice Shiatsu, it is solid wood & we have used natural materials as much as possible. It is a little piece of quiet yet close to Exeter city centre & the main train station.

I work most days of the week in the Shiatsu Shed. I offer evening & Saturday appointments. I also work in Dawlish & Exmouth.


Shiatsu for Sleep issues, Exeter, Devon

If you suffer from fatigue, insomnia, or any sleep or energy related issues you may want to try Shiatsu. This gentle but powerful hands-on therapy looks to balance the energy in the body, to re-balance the body.  When the body is in balance sleep can come more easily, energy levels can be higher & the body clock is more settled.

There are a number of things that are worth trying if you suffer with sleep or energy levels. There are the more obvious things; cutting out caffeine, cutting down on sugar & alcohol, eating earlier in the evening, staying away from screens near to bed time.

Shiatsu is based in Traditional Chinese Medicine. (TCM) This provides further suggestions that may be of help; meditation, eating fish & sea vegetables, sitting & stillness, some cardio exercise.  It is possible to give individual lifestyle & exercise recommendations as part of a session of Shiatsu.

Shiatsu may be able to help. A session is an hour with at least 45 minutes of hands-on work. At the very least Shiatsu provides a space away from daily life, it is a chance to relax, or at least feel how that may feel! It is deeply relaxing & allows the body & mind to rest but it is also energizing & can leave the client with higher energy levels.

Shiatsu is also a very supportive & confidential space where it is completely OK to feel how you feel & be how you want to be. This can provide a sense of relief & release alongside a sense of being held & supported.

Clients have mentioned that they have felt a buzz after a treatment that has lasted for sometime.  They have had deeper sleep than normal, they have change the times that they wake, they have woken less regularly.  They have felt less fatigue & mental strain.  They have felt mentally able to manage their situation more, make changes or achieve what they would like to with ease.

I’m always happy to talk Shiatsu so do get in touch with any questions or queries, if you would like to know more or would like to discuss if Shiatsu may be able to help you.

I work in Exwick, Exeter & also in Dawlish & Exmouth. I offer appointments most days, some evening & Saturday appointments.


Modern Day Priorities, Shiatsu in Devon

Down here in Exeter, Devon we have had a strong reminder of modern day priorities.  A new IKEA has opened in the town & boy do we know about it.  The build up has been immense, & the hype has been unbelievable. IKEA were able to show films inside, the general very sacred, Exeter Cathedral, they have put furniture on the high street & rowed a viking long boat down the river Exe.  You can’t say their publicity hasn’t been top notch. Local press have been advising people to plan their journeys as the traffic to IKEA is going to cause delays!

Over the past few days I have found myself repeating ‘it is only a shop’ a lot. It has been a strong reminder of the values we seem to have in this society, we value the ability to purchase products, particularly at a reasonable price with some style it seems.

This blog isn’t a rant it is an expression of the sadness I feel with the loss of contact with nature & the world around us. Also the lack of value of our inner world, the peace & calm we can find within. Generally our society doesn’t value self-care & support much either.  We are always on the move, with something to get done or somewhere to be, no time to rest, just be, meditate or take care of ourselves.

The people that I meet who are most at peace with themselves aren’t thinking about when they can next go shopping.  These people are giving space & time to themselves. I treat a couple of therapists who use Shiatsu as a support tool for their own healing & development.

Shiatsu allows me to reconnect to what is important to me & to be quiet & still for a time.  In a Shiatsu session I create a space that is quiet & still & allows the client to just be, to rest & to heal. The space can create time away from modern day expectations & demands, stresses & strains. A chance to get back to what our personal priorities are.


The Shiatsu Shed, Exeter – Devon

I practice Shiatsu in Exeter, Dawlish & Exmouth in Devon. I work in lovely spaces created by other therapists in Dawlish & Exmouth, in Exeter I work from home, in the Shiatsu Shed.

I love the space that we have created in our garden. It’s a sanctuary from busy life, the real wood creates a warmth & coziness. It is the perfect space to rest & relax, to breathe & just be.

As my boys get older I have more space to offer Shiatsu. I know work in Exeter on Monday afternoons & evenings, Tuesday mornings, Wednesday all day & evenings & Fridays. I work in Dawlish every other Friday & once a month in Exmouth.

So come & find some healing & peace, close to Exeter city centre & easy to getto. A little piece of tranquility for an hour.


Shiatsu this May, Exeter, Dawlish, Exmouth – Devon

What beautiful weather we have had down here in Devon, this bank holiday. Although it feels quite an adjustment, getting used to this bright sunshine & high temperatures, it has made it much easier to enjoy the last couple of days.

After a very busy few weeks I have enjoyed kicking back, with the kids & my husband. I love it when we drop into our family rhythm, enjoying each others company & following whatever take our interest. For instance we spent a long time looking at a large number of hairy caterpillar hatchlings, all over the hand rails & bins by the beach.

I feel nurtured by the nature that surrounds us in Devon, the sub on my skin, the waves crashing, the light through tree branches.

I am starting to feel renewed & revitalised & ready to give out some healing & nurture. I’m back giving Shiatsu from Tuesday & I’m in Exeter this week. I have spaces on Wednesday & Friday.

I am in Exmouth on Friday 25th – there is only one space left on this day so do get in touch if you would like to book. I’m back in Dawlish on 1st June so not quite this month.

I’m looking forward to getting back into it – I love giving Shiatsu & supporting people with their healing.