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My Shiatsu Journey, Exeter & Dawlish, Devon 

I first came across Shiatsu massage a long time ago when I was growing up, here in Devon. A family friend was training in Shiatsu at the time & used me as a practise client. She lived down a long & very bumpy farm track, you couldn’t drive your car down unless it was a 4×4. I would walk down & back up again. If I’d had Shiatsu I could run up the track if I hadn’t it was a slow & quiet painful process to climb back up. 

I was sold on Shiatsu from then on & continued to have it at different times in my life. It has helped me feel more focussed & make changes in my life. It has helped me with physical injury & it’s helped me move on from a difficult break up. 

Finally I got around to completing my Shiatsu training, after returning to Devon, & have been qualified for 7 years. The Shiatsu diploma is an intense 3 year course, which I completed at the Devon School of Shiatsu. Since qualifying I have continued to offer Shiatsu regularly & complete regular professional development, deepening my Shiatsu practice. 

I have worked in many different environments in my professional life including advisory work & mentoring & developing work. In have learnt to actively listen, be open & willing to support others. I believe this allows me to offer an open & safe space to clients. Along with a strong connected touch that feels nurturing & supportive.

I offer Shiatsu in both Exeter & Dawlish. I have a quiet practice room in Exeter & work in the lovely Changes Now Centre in Dawlish. 

Emotional Support with Shiatsu, Exeter & Dawlish, Devon

Although Shiatsu is a physical massage therapy it can be really helpful & supportive on lots of different levels. 

I had a client recently who commented that the treatment was completely emotional for them. Although I was physically massaging the client they felt a strong sense of emotion as I worked them, they said they hardly felt the massage as it was all emotions. 

The stresses & strains we experience in life are often held in our bodies. Oh bodies become a physical history of our lives, injuries or accidents the body sustains & emotional tension from difficult times or issues we experience. 

Shiatsu is a supportive hands-on therapy. Just having a gentle human touch can give a sense of support. Shiatsu is a safe space, the body can release tension, the client can feel & listen to their body & any emotional response that arises. 

A client may find that an unexpected emotion arises but they generally feel safe & secure enough to simply feel the emotion, maybe cry or express how they are feeling. The emotinal release often comes with a sense of relief or acceptance. 

Further Shiatsu treatments can be booked to work with the emotions further, to deepen the clients understanding of how they are feeling or to release futher emotional tension. Shiatsu massage is gentle, it meets the client how they want to be met & never pushes the client, it gives space to the body to chose to release tension or not.

If you would like to know if Shiatsu may be able to help you please get in touch – 07791 070837 – or though the ‘contact me’ page.