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Shiatsu Event, Dawlish, Devon 

I had a great day today giving Shiatsu at the Dawlish Carnival celebrations. The weather held out for most of the day & there were a lot of people around. Some old friends of Changes Now, the centre I work in, in Dawlish, some new friends & some holiday makers. 
What I love about these type of events is that lots of people try Shiatsu for the first time & I love the relaxed & soft expressions of the people I have worked on. The feedback is always good too, comments about how great it is to be stretched by someone, that the body feels looser, that I had found all the right spots!

I have two events coming up quite soon – they are in Exeter this time – on Saturday 2nd September I’ll be with colleagues at the Exeter Green Fair & on Sunday 3rd September I’ll  be with a colleague at the St. Thomas Festival. More details nearer the time. 

Shiatsu Event – Dawlish, Devon 

Just a couple of weeks until the next chance to try out Shiatsu massage. 

This next event is in Dawlish, as part of the Carnival celebtations. I will be alongside the other therapists that work at Changes Now in Dawlish, offering Shiatsu massage tasters for a small cost. It’s the perfect way to see what Shiatsu is & whether you feel it is something that may help you. 

The event is in the middle of Dawlish on Monday 14th August. If you have any questions do please get in touch through the ‘contact me’ page.  

A Great Shiatsu Day, Exeter, Devon 

Had a great day giving Shiatsu massage to lots of people at the Exeter Lions Gala Day. 

It was a real community event with lots of support organisations that work within the local area. It was a joy to give Shiatsu to lots of carers, support & charity workers. These are the people who work very hard to support others but can find it hard to find the time to get support themselves. 

We also treated a lot of families, the parents & the children. It’s really great for the whole family to get a Shiatsu massage. For the whole family to have some time out time, some relaxation & also be energised & invigorated. 

It was a great day all round – the event was in a little known but beautiful park – the music involved a lot of community choirs – there was a mix of things to do, circus skills  bouncy castle, skittles & the local charity & support organisation stalls. 

Shiatsu event – Saturday 15th July – Exeter, Devon 

A week today a colleague & myself will be at the Exeter Lions Centenary Gala Day – giving Shiatsu tasters for £5 & £10. The event is in Priory Park, Mount Pleasant, Exeter. The park is near to the city centre & there is on street parking. It sounds like there will be lots of stalls, activities & live music. 

A taster is a perfect way to try out Shiatsu, to see if you like it & whether it has an affect on you. In just 10 or 20 minutes you can get a really good idea of what this form of massage is like. 

Shiatsu event, 15th July, Exeter, Devon 

Not long now until my colleague & I will be giving Shiatsu tasters at the Exeter Lions Club Centenial Gala Day. The event is in Priory Park, Mount Pleasant, Exeter. It look like it is going to be a great community event with lots of stalls & things to do. We will be giving Shiatsu tasters for just £5 or £10. 

As I get more information on this event I will post it up, in the meantime get the date in your diary. Shiatsu is suitable for everyone & if you’ve never had it before this is a great way to try it out.