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Shiatsu Event – Exeter, Devon

Excited to be attending my first event of the year in just a couple of weeks time.  I’ll be offering Shiatsu taster sessions at the East Devon Mind, Body, Spirit event on Sunday February 18th.  The event is going to be held in Broadclyst, at the Victory Hall. The venue is near for Exeter folks & there is plenty of free parking.

If you have been reading my blog & wondering what Shiatsu is then a taster is a great way to find out what this hands-on therapy involves.  The tasters will only be £10 but 20 minutes long, plenty of time to get an idea of Shiatsu.

The Shiatsu tasters will be given on a massage chair, that supports your whole body, its relaxing & comfortable.  Normally Shiatsu is given on a futon mat on the floor but can be given on a couch or on a massage chair.  Shiatsu is always given through clothes.

Do come & say hello if you are in the area on the 18th.  If you are struggling to feel energized in this cold, wet weather then come & get a boost of energy with a Shiatsu taster.

Information about the event and the full list of exhibitors can be seen here





Shiatsu Event – Tomorrow – North Devon

See you there! Xx

Shiatsu for children 

Shiatsu massage is suitable for all & can be really helpful & positive for children. Children have issues, as do adults, & treating them energetically & holistically when young can help stop complaints becoming stagnant & chronic. Shiatsu massage is so gentle but is also powerful. It doesn’t take much to get the energy flowing & rebalancing in a child’s body. This can help the body learn & keep up healthy patterns. It can give confidence & focus.

Children are generally very responsive to Shiatsu & have a good result, both from a treatment & from Shiatsu for a specific issue. I use Shiatsu to relax & calm my sons before bed. I also use it, successfully, to help regular bowel movements, if there has been a delay or constipation. Sometimes my boys have experienced discomfort from digesting food, I have been able to ease this & also release trapped wind. These things are important for children! 

I have supported older children through exam stress & times of unease & inabilty to make changes or decisions. I have also found Shiatsu massage successful with helping to speed up physical injuries such as twisted ankles & knees. It has also helped children with head ache & eye issues.

Shiatsu massage can be given to a whole family. Home visits can be arranged & prices can be negotiated. This is such a positive experience for the whole family unit & an absolute joy to give. If you are interested in finding out more about Shiatsu for children, family Shiatsu or self Shiatsu for yourself & your family then get in touch. Details are on the ‘contact me’ page.